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What To Eat When You Are Constantly On The Go

If you’re anything like me you know that you can’t function properly on an empty stomach. I hit the 3pm slump HARD every single day at work. It is the awkward time during the day when you had lunch maybe like 2 hours ago and then you’ll be eating dinner in 3 hours or so but you sit at your desk and your stomach is just growling. We’ve all been here. Whether or not you have a desk job like me, if you are on the go constantly and have no time to get a healthy snack the temptations can be real. Over the years of becoming more “wiser” in the kitchen, I like to compliment myself by saying that I have some great snack ideas up my sleeve. These healthy snacks keep my energy level in check and give me the extra protein I need to make it to dinner time. Trust me, I constantly think about the next meal that I’m going to eat (hope I’m not the only one!) because I am always hungry but these snacks help me keep on track.

GoMacro bars have been my go to for about a year now. They come in some incredible flavors and keep me full for hours. A couple of my favorites are Everlasting Joy, Protein Pleasure, and Protein Paradise. What’s great about these bars is that they have 10g+ of protein with healthy carbs and fats to keep you moving once you’ve hit that slump.

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How To Get Out of A Rut

Well hello friends! Long time no chat. As you can see as the title of this post, I was in a very long rut and finally just realized I needed to snap out of it. I have been powering through work the past couple of months and focusing all my attention on work, friends, and family. It has been a hot second since I’ve posted anything on here and I apologize if you’ve been a weekly reader of mine. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve viewed this website as a platform to share my life and what I love with y’all. I made a promise to myself that I would never post for the sake of posting and I had to stay true to myself and what inspired me. I want to share the best content that I can and when I was in a rut that simply just wasn’t going to happen.

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