14 Things That I Love This Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Hope everyone had a great weekend. What did you all do? I went to Central Park on Saturday for this Ice Sculpture thing but let me tell you, online it made it seem like it was going to be this insanely awesome festival with ice sculptures everywhere. Boy were they wrong, there was maybe 1 ice sculpture…. #fail. But Central Park was so pretty with all the snow from Thursday and there were so many kids on their sleds and building snowmen. It was too cute for words! Anyways, today is Valentine’s Day and I wanted to share with you all 14 things that I love / are thankful for. 


1. All of you! You all inspire me everyday to become a better writer and blogger. I love having this outlet to express my thoughts but the blogger community is incredible. I have made so many “virtual” friends and everyone is so supportive. So thankful for you all and again, thank you so much for reading and continuing on this journey with me!

2. My family and friends. Obviously. They are my rock and I couldn’t imagine life without them.

3. Big Brothers Big Sisters of NYC. I have a little and love her so dearly! It is such an amazing and rewarding experience. They have locations all over the country and I encourage you all to participate!

4. This goes without saying but Vueve Clicquot. Would be willing to sell my soul to go to the Polo Classic in the summer.

5. This bag, has been on my radar for years. The only question, what color to get.

6. Soul Cycle/Flywheel and Pure Barre. May be expensive, but cheaper than retail therapy.

7. My job, obviously had to throw that in there. Incredibly blessed with the opportunities that I have especially in my early early 20s.

8. This goes without saying but NEW YORK CITY. As you know, I grew up in Connecticut so I often took it for granted since I lived so close but as I am close to hitting my one year anniversary of living here (completely crazy) I have fallen even more in love.

9. These gummies or these. Sorry not sorry.

10. NYPD for keeping me safe.

11. Google. Can’t live without it.

12. Refinery 29’s weekly horoscopes. Yes, I’m that girl.

13. The SKIMM, you can sign up here. I read it every morning!

14. Trash Reality TV. I’m looking at you The Bachelor… #yolo


16 thoughts on “14 Things That I Love This Valentine’s Day

    1. Aw thanks lady! I love it! We have a program through work so the littles come to my office every other much fun!! And yes girl, can’t live without Veuve. The nut color is one of my faves too!! XO

  1. Love your blog!
    I also love The SKIMM!! Such a fun way to get news! Hope you had a great Valentine’s Day and I’m excited to take a look at all the lovely your blog has to offer!!

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