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Friday Favorites

We made it to another Friday and happy day 2 of NYFW friends! Hope everyone was safe and escaped the snow storm yesterday. I fortunately was able to work home yesterday which was so nice sitting watching Sex in The City episodes while crunching numbers in excel. Does anyone have any fun plans this weekend? I’m still trying to put mine together as we speak. 


How cute are the new Starbucks sliders (idk what they are called)?!

My favorites from this week:

1. My new elephant beach coverup came just in time for… the snowstorm! Jk. Spring hurry up.

2. This incredible Soul Cycle story isn’t just about the weigh loss it is about the community that is within Soul Cycle. Everyone is there to motivate one another and it is why I am such a fanatic.

3. Valentine’s Day is on Tuesday! Did you check out my gift guide and style guide? Also, check out these ideas for all different relationship stages.

4. Speaking of Valentines Day, what are your plans? Are you going to see Fifty Shades Darker?

5. I am trying SO hard not to shop but I love this coat (on sale), these wedges, and the cutest top EVER


9 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. I love that your nail polish matches your Starbucks sleeve! I know they’re just a band of pink paper, but they’re so cute.

    The hubs and I are doing heart shaped pizza for Valentine’s Day and definitely not going anywhere near Fifty Shades Darker. It’s just not my cup of coffee (or his for that matter). We’ll probably just do dinner and maybe some more Clone Wars, so that we can make our way on to Revenge of the Sith sometime soon. (Watching Star Wars in the in universe timeline order is a LOT to go through. =S Probably not most people’s idea of romance, though; just ours.)

    Happy Valentine-ing!

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