J.Crew New Arrivals

I told myself that I was going to be a lot better about shopping this year and only buy something if I know I will wear it MANY times. I want to start investing more in staple pieces instead of those trendy items. If there is something that I want that is trendy I find myself shopping at Zara and H&M since the items are significantly lower priced. With all this being said, my wallet was screaming with excitement when the J.Crew new arrivals game out. Y’all I am obsessed with everything and I just want spring to get here already. Below I put together a couple of my favorite pieces from the new collection! All outfits you can wear these shoes, which happen to be my go to for the warmer months. 


Striped long-sleeve off-the-shoulder top, kind of trendy but I am obsessed


Geometric eyelet top, perfect for work and the bow on the back…yes please!


Side-slit sweater with striped ties, SO cute and unique!


Striped trench coat.. don’t need but really really want


Cotton cover-up in elephant print, my favorite and will be buying!


Sophia ankle-wrap pumps in suede, love this but wish they came out earlier!


Embroidered crystal earrings, J.Crew stepped up their jewelry game, loving these tassels

Anyone have a favorite store that ruins your mentality about trying to be better about spending money? As you can tell, mine is J.Crew, always has, always will.


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