Let’s Get Personal

Inhale, exhale… that is my mentality when writing this post. As I read other blogs, I have come to realize how important it is for bloggers to become more personable with their readers. It is a way for bloggers to “connect” with their readers and confirm that they are normal human beings too. It is one of my goals too for this year and going forward. I want to share with you all a little piece of my life which will always include milestones and hardships. I’m not perfect nor I never plan to be. It is who I am and over the years I have just accepted it. screen-shot-2017-01-17-at-8-40-59-pm


A couple of months ago I put together a little survey and asked all my readers to input their thoughts and opinions on my blog and what they would like to see more / less of. It was evident that y’all would like to see outfit posts and more of my personal style. This is something that I struggle with constantly because as much as I would love to share with you all my personal outfits, it is really hard to do so given the fact that I have no one around me who would take my photos. You may say, you have no friends? Of course I have friends but Splash of Preppy was first created as an online journal and the months grew on I started gaining readers and subscribers. Not really sure if my friends (even my closest friends) know that I have a blog and the time that I’ve invested in this personal outlet. As you may even know, I created a Splash of Preppy Instagram (which I decided to turn private) because my biggest fear is that my friends would get the notification of “Elle is now in Instagram, Splash of Preppy” and they would say…what the heck is this, Elle, what are you doing? Anyone else have that experience or thoughts? Greatly appreciated. Okay back to the outfit posts topic, photographers in NYC are extremely expensive and in the future I would love to work with one and be more creative on the blog and express my style with y’all. Another passion of mine is taking photos and I want to incorporate my personal shots of NYC and incorporate them to the blog. Since outfit pots are hopefully on the horizon, in the meantime, I’m thinking about taking photos of my outfits of the day / week and laying them out that way to express my style in a different way. What would you think of that? Again, I love hearing your thoughts and opinions. Long story short, please continue to stay patient with me as I work on this and start taking the next step in making Splash of Preppy even better. Your patience and loyal support through it all means the world.

In the meantime, I continue want to highlight my “favorites” of clothing, beauty, fitness, etc on the blog because it seems like y’all continue to enjoy these posts. Brand sponsorships are something that I will only do if I am passionate about the brand, if it fits Splash of Preppy, and I know it is something you will love. That’s it, mark my words.  What I have learned over the past 2 years since I published my first blog post is that it is so important to stay true to yourself and only write when you are feeling 100% inspired. My promise to you years ago is that I would never hit publish on a post for the sake of just getting another post out there. I put time and energy into everything I write and I am writing not only for myself but for you. I want to show content that you would appreciate and genuinely enjoy reading and coming back for more. I apologize for my extremely long rant, this was not intentional at all but I want you to hear from me and see where I am coming from.

Thank you again for your continued support.




8 thoughts on “Let’s Get Personal

  1. As a blogger I can relate to this post. I kept my site pretty quiet and only have a few close friends who know about it. It started as just a creative outlet for me but then it began to grow. The “style” posts are probably my biggest struggle because it really is difficult to find someone to take pictures and it can feel awkward taking them yourself. Keep working towards it and know that you will get there eventually 🙂

    Taylor |

    1. Thanks so much Taylor! Your words mean so much. And completely agree where you are coming from! Thanks for the words of encouragement and your loyal support

  2. My blog is actually my second attempt at blogging. The first time, I was super nervous about how my friends would receive it and didn’t tell anyone. I kept my social media accounts separate and everything. Eventually, I kind of gave up on it, because it was exhausting to keep up this “secret life.”

    This time around, I’ve been way more open about it. My personal Instagram and Twitter have become my blogging accounts as well, and I’ll openly tell people that I write fashion posts when I’m bored and care about Instagram way more than I probably should. Honestly, it’s ten times better when you’re out in the open about it, and if you treat it as a point of pride rather than something you’re ashamed of, there’s not as much of a judgment factor as there might be if someone stumbles upon it accidentally. I’ve actually gotten a ton of positive feedback instead, which has actually motivated my blogging even further. Obviously, it’s a very personal decision, but I’d say, if it’s something you really love, share it!

    Taylor |

    1. Thanks Taylor for reading and commenting! I can’t express how touched I was by your personal remarks. Great tips and thank you for sharing your personal story! XO

    1. Thanks for reading! Blogging is a long process and you need to be in it for YOU and not all the perks that come along with it. It is an amazing community of many talented people!

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