Go To Relaxing Winter Outfits

Happy Wednesday y’all! Hope you are having a good week so far. Luckily the weather here in NYC is getting warmer which I am so excited about however, I know it is only the middle of January and winter is far from over. I posted my winter weekend routine on Monday, and today I wanted to put together a winter inspired flat lay featuring my favorite looks for lounging in the winter months.

You can find me doing all of this on Sunday night before going to bed. 


Pajamas, Neutrogena Face Wash, Slippers, Lingerie, Teacup

What I love to do during a nice relaxing night is put on some comfortable clothes. Personally, that will always be pajamas because you can’t go wrong. I also like putting on comfortable undergarmente underneath my pajamas to feel confident and comfy. Adore Me is the go to place for finding the right undergarments, they are all so cute and affordable too! I always have a cup of tea in the morning but my new favorite thing to do is having calming tea, whether that is peppermint or a light green tea, it always keeps me warm and at ease. Every single Sunday night I put on a face mask and use a deep cleaning face wash. I love the Neutrogena kinds because they leave my face so smooth and tingly (the best feeling).

What are your go to winter casual at home outfits? Check out the Adore Me Pinterest page for more inspiration.

This post was inspired by a collaboration with Adore Me. As always, opinions are my own. 


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