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My Weekend Routine

Hope everyone had a great weekend or a potentially long weekend if y’all have today off like me! I’m finally feeling much better after having the flu last week and I am getting back into my normal routine since I have been gone for the Holidays. Personally nothing beats a good routine to stick to. I am such a creature of habit and find myself in the same exact routines for weeks and months! Monday – Friday is typically pretty boring for me since it involves going to work, working out, eating dinner, watching my guilty pleasure tv (I’m looking at you Bachelor and Vanderpump rules), and going to bed. But on the weekends I stay open to everything and try to get the most of my 2 days that I have free but at the same time find time to relax before the next busy 5 days. So I figured why not share with you all my ‘typical’ weekend routine. screen-shot-2017-01-15-at-2-51-02-pm

Friday Night:

When I get home from work, I honestly am exhausted since I have been in the office since Monday. What I’ve been doing lately instead of going out to dinner with friends, I go to the 6:30pm Pure Barre class and when I go home I eat dinner and just relax. I found that this is what works best for me and I need to do this for my sanity. Sure, plans come up some weeks where I need to be social on Friday nights but preferably I enjoy spending time at home.


7:30: Wake Up (seems early, but since I wake up every day at 6:30 this is sleeping in)

7:35: Make a protein shake (my go to is strawberry, banana, raspberry, and protein powder)

8:05: Leave to go to Barre

8:20-9:15: Pure Barre

9:30: Do a little bit of cleaning / relaxing. My apartment is always a disaster for the week for some reason. I swear I just throw stuff everywhere. It is one of my New Years resolution to be a bit more organized at home and remove the stupid pile by my toaster of mail that I went through. What I need to do is sort it when it gets home and put it in the right spot! Ugh

10:30: Walk to Soul Cycle of Fly Wheel

11:30 – 12:30: Soul Cycle or Fly Wheel. You may say, didn’t you just work out? Yes, you’re right. I love Pure Barre and cycling so I do both on Saturday when I have time.

12:30: Stop by Whole Foods on the way home from cycling and grab something for lunch. This usually consists of Sushi or anything at the salad bar. The Curry Chicken salad is my absolute fave.

1:15: Shower, eat lunch, and get ready for the day

2:30 – 6:00: This honestly varies each week depending on if I have plans with friends. If I don’t have any plans, I usually go for a walk and do some shopping in soho. If the weather is crappy, I usually just relax at home and do nothing.

6:00: Usually get ready for dinner if I’m going out with friends or make dinner on my own (aka takeout / delivery)

6:30 – ? Depends on the weekend!


7:30 / 8:00: Wake Up

8:05: Make a protein shake or have some yogurt and fruit

8:15: Relax until Barre

9:30 – 10:25: Pure Barre

10:30: Head off to Trader Joes / Whole Foods. I love going to the grocery store early in the morning on Sunday. If I could, I would go even earlier. The lines here at Trader Joes on Sunday are honestly insane. They go down every single aisle in the store and can last a good 40 mins. Ah, good ole NYC for ya. I always put together my list either on Saturday or Sunday for the week to help me out. I am trying so hard to be good about bringing my lunches more to work since it saves A TON of money. My goal is to bring my lunch 3/4 times a week and let myself go out 1/2 times.

12:30: Make some lunch. This usually consists of leftovers from last night if I stayed in or I grab something to go at Whole Foods / Trader Joes to eat

1:00: Take a shower

1:30: Start doing some meal prep, cleaning, watch some football, blog, etc

3:30 – 5:30: nap time (really important y’all), laundry, more meal prep

6:00: Dinner

6:30: Watch TV, do some blogging, get ready for bed

10:30: Lights out

Hope y’all enjoyed my typical weekend routine! What are your favorite things to do over the weekend?! Have a great Monday!


13 thoughts on “My Weekend Routine

  1. I love to hit up Barre and Spin on Saturdays, too! It’s the only time of the week where I have the time for two classes! Mine are back-to-back which makes Barre fairly interesting sometimes!

  2. My hubs and I hit up one of the many local farmers’ markets here in Calgary on the weekends. We visit our fave coffee place (Reese’s mocha for him; PB&J Italian soda for me) and pick up some cookies or cinnamon buns at our favourite cake stand. =D

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