New Year, Same Hair

Is it just me or is the new year a perfect time to switch up your hairstyle? I have been rocking the same hairstyle (simple, straight, no angles, no highlights/color) for probably my entire life now and I’m itching for change. The most drastic thing I’ve ever done in the hair department is cut of 10 inches for Pantene’s Locks of Love Program my junior year in college. That was SO rewarding but it took SO long for me to grow my hair before I donated it. I am loving the ‘lob’ look and I would love to hear your thoughts on what hairstyles to try. When in doubt, I go to Pinterest for some inspiration!




4 thoughts on “New Year, Same Hair

  1. Love Emma Stone’s cut in the first pic! Hair cuts are so stressful. But who knows why because like you, I’ve had the same style for years! Maybe because it’s so stressful…

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