Last Minute DrugStore Gifts

You might be saying HUH when reading the title of this post? Christmas is only a couple of days away and I know that we are all scrambling (myself included) to finish up the Christmas shopping. I have my main gifts purchased for my family but what is missing are their stocking stuffers. I figured I would have a different post today and share with you all some last minute gifts you can get at the drug store or supermarket. Because if you are like me, I’m not going to be paying $25 on shipping on a $5 gift. 

For the Mom/Sister/Aunt/Girlfriend/Grandma/Cousin.. you name it


All of these gifts are a perfect stocking stuffer. Last year I got my mom a Southern Living magazine and put it in her stocking, I then told her that I paid for a 2-year subscription to the magazine (since her last subscription just expired). Can’t go wrong with a face mask or nail polish too! And you want the house smelling good so candles are always a good idea.

For the Dad/Brother/Grandpa/Boyfriend/Uncle..


Shopping for the men in your life is hard enough but I’ve given all these gifts in the past and they love them. Can’t go wrong with a nice shampoo or shaving cream, I mean they use it any way so why not. Another good one is a small picture frame and putting your picture in it with that person. Pictures always make a wonderful gift especially for the sentimental ones. And who doesn’t love some chocolate? PS they will open it on the spot and you can enjoy eating it too. 🙂

Hope this post helps! Stocking stuffers seem easy but I always struggle!

What do you usually get for people as stocking stuffers?

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