My Christmas Wishlist

Seems like everyone has been having these posts whether it is on blogs or Youtube so I figured I would tag along. It is always hard for me to come up with things that I “want” for Christmas especially now since I have a stable job and live on my own, if there is something that I truly want I simply just buy it for myself. I have always been very good about managing my finances and I find there aren’t many things that I need anymore. So here are a couple of things that I would really love to see under the tree and I know I would use them all constantly.


Soul Cycle classes, Lululemon Shorts, Trader Joes Giftcard, Gloves, Naked Eyeshaddow, Flywheel Classes, S’well Water Bottle, Whole Foods giftcard, YSL lipstick, Yoga Mat

You know when you are getting old when you ask for Whole Foods / Trader Joes gift cards…but hey groceries are expensive. And so are Soul Cycle / Flywheel classes. You will understand this when you get to my stage in my life.

What are you asking for Christmas?


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