Best Boots for Winter

Burrrrr it is officially winter here in NYC. The temperatures have dropped significantly the past couple of days and even though I am a bit bitter about it, it feels kind of nice and refreshing. I mean it is December and with all the beautiful Christmas decorations that are around the city, the winter cold brings even more charm to them. Am I the only one who thinks that? I may be going crazy…

Today I decided to share with you all my favorite shoes to wear during the winter months to stay warm. I did something similar in the fall (with my favorite booties) and it was a hit!

#1 LL Bean Boots


I live in these boots especially in the December / January when there is snow on the ground. The traction on them are perfect in slick conditions. I am surprised that they are still available in most sizes, these usually sell out so fast!

#2 Hunter Rain Boots


The best part about Hunter boots is that you can wear them in every season. They are the perfect rain boot to wear in all conditions. I have them in black but the green or red has caught my eye for quite some time!

#3 LL Bean Wicked Good Moccasins


I LOVE these shoes and so will you. I wear them when I am walking to my cycle class, the store, you name it. They are so comfortable and so warm! I’ve had mine for years.

#4 Classic Short Uggs


What’s winter without a pair of Uggs? I’ve had these for maybe 10 years and love them. They are so easy to wear with yoga pants, jeans, sweatpants, you name it. I’m not a fan of what they look like but they are just so comfortable not to care.

#5 Tasseled Riding Boot


These boots are classic and would be so comfortable with a pair of warm comfy socks. King Ranch Saddle Shop has some incredible womens boots (along with mens boots as well). Be sure to check out their luggage section as well, I’m swooning over this bag.

What are your favorite footwear in the Winter? Be sure to comment below. Would love to hear what you think!

3 thoughts on “Best Boots for Winter

  1. Jealous of your winter footwear choices! I’m in Los Angeles so no warm boots needed. I’ve always wanted some Hunters but can’t justify the purchase I feel like when it rains about three times a year. Enjoy all the cute boots for me!

    1. Kind of envious of your warm winters! The seasons are definitely great and I love incorporating different shoe styles throughout the year. Love my hunters but I wear them a lot during the year!

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