Black Friday Haul

Happy Monday everyone! I’m sure I’m not the only one to say that today is going to be a rough one for many. Back to the routines of work and school for most. BUT I think everyone is slightly happy that we can all now listen to Christmas music 24/7 and not be judged for it. I am currently still in Florida but when I get back to the city I am going to start decorating my Christmas tree. I can’t wait. As you may know, Christmas is my favorite time of the year and I am excited to be spending it full time in NYC. The city is so magical during December and I am so excited.

I have never been a Black Friday shopper, ever. I always am on the lookout for great sales online and boy did the stores (all stores frankly) not disappoint. I swear there were more sales this year even before Thanksgiving and to be honest I purchased everything that I am showing you below even before Thanksgiving! The sales were that good. Very temping for sure…

Without further ado let’s get to it!


Fluoro Crispin Drops– so the funny thing is, I’ve had my eyes on these earrings for quite some time now. I purchased them in gold but it looks like they are no longer available. I am excited to wear these during the 5+ holiday parties that I have in the next 3 weeks. They are still having a sale today so be sure to check out their website!


Kate Spade Open-Toe Suede Sandals– as you know, I have been obsessing over these shoes for weeks now. And last week I finally bought them. I was originally going to buy them from Nordstrom or Bloomingdales because they have a killer return policy and I live close to a Bloomies and I can easily return them but when I was on the website both places were sold out in my size! I should have told myself that this was a sign that I don’t need them but it didn’t. I was searching online for a while and found them on the Lord & Taylor website AND they were on sale! I paid $280 for them and that is a steal in my eyes. They are still on sale so be sure to purchase them now before they sell out! PS- I also got the last size 6 so I think these shoes were meant to me.


Nutri Ninja Pro Blender– I bought this blender for my mom for Christmas last year and she absolutely loves it. It is such a great blender under $100 and will last many years. Since she loves it so much I decided to buy it for myself last week. Currently it is on sale with an additional 15% off.. can I get the hands up emoji in the air?!


Plaid classic button-down shirt– I actually purchased this shirt as I was typing this post. Ugh..but I honestly couldn’t beat the 60% everything. Yes, I said 60% off. That was not a typo. I got this shirt for $25!! Crazy right?!

So that is all folks! Thought I did pretty well since all the sales were extremely tempting. J.Crew I’m looking at you and that 40% everything!!

What did y’all score this Black Friday / Cyber Monday? Be sure to comment below.

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