How To Stay Healthy On Road Trips

I can’t believe that Thanksgiving is only 2 days away! I am sure everyone is planning their last minute details and getting everything organized before the big day. Travel can sometimes be the biggest headache for me when it comes to Holidays since my family doesn’t live close there is always a plane involved. Whether you are traveling by foot, car, train, bus, boat, plane, you name it, you’ll be needing some healthy snacks to accompany you. I always make it a priority to pack some delicious and nutritious snacks with me when I travel because when I get to the airport there often tends to be less healthy options. When on a road trip I find it the most important to pack some great snacks because you will be oh so tempted to pick up a candy bar or something very unhealthy when you are pumping gas. Since the holidays are literally right around the corner, I wanted to share with you all some of my healthy tips and tricks when traveling.


(1) Stay Hydrated. This is by far the best piece of advice that I have. It is so important to drink water throughout the day especially when traveling. Whether I am in the car or on a plane, I always bring with me my S’well and keep filling it up along the way. Drinking water keeps my skin clear but definitely helps me feeling refreshed at all times.

(2) Pack granola bars. This one can be tricky because we tend to lean towards the more unhealthy granola bars but it is really important to read the labels before purchasing them. Some granola bars are full of unnecessary fat and sugar and can ultimately kill maintaining a healthy diet. My favorites are GoMacro, RX Bars, and Quest. All of these bars are gluten free and have very low amount of sugar.

(3) Snack. If I am not feeling a granola bar I always bring a snack. Whether it is pretzels, carrots, apple, you name it. My favorite for road trips and airplane rides are Skinny Pop. It is a very light snack but it delicious too.

Those are my top 3 tips when traveling. Be sure to check out Alamo’s website where they have a great section on tips for eating healthy on the road.

What are your favorite snacks to bring when traveling?

This post was sponsored by Alamo. As always, opinions are my own. 

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