New England Adventures

Happy Halloween! Hope y’all had a great weekend celebrating with friends or family. How is tomorrow already November? Soon we will start planning for the holidays and next thing you know Thanksgiving will be here.

Over the weekend I spent some time looking through everyones beautiful photos of their adventures up in New England. As you know, I am from Connecticut and have lived there almost all of my life. Living in New England it is only natural to say that fall is by far my favorite season. The leaves are gorgeous every where and I can’t get enough. Since moving to the city I have hardly seen any trees! I go on runs by the water and luckily there are some trees along the way and through the parks but not like what I am used to. Something that I want to do next year is take the train to CT and rent a car and travel through Connecticut, Massachusetts, and top it off in Vermont. Traveling through car is the best way to see everything because you can go at your own pace and go on your own adventures.  A couple of my friends have been doing this trend on going on a road trip with someone special for a low key and relaxing weekend! Road trips make the ultimate date weekend. 


There is a company called Turo, a new car-sharing / rental company that allows you to rent  from a vast selection of locally owned cars. I checked out their video and thought to myself geez, why didn’t I think of this. It is genius. They have a selection of some pretty great and unique cars which can make the road trip that much more enjoyable. This is something that I would love to do in the fall with some friends and show them all my favorite New England spots. And this doesn’t have to wait until the fall, New England is pretty year round. I used to snowboard with my dad and ski with mom when I was younger but haven’t in a couple of years! So hopefully I can convince a couple of friends to come up with me to Vermont and stay at a Bed & Breakfast and enjoy the beautiful snow.

Have y’all been to New England during the fall before?

If so, where are your favorite places?

This post was inspired by Turo. As always, opinions are my own.

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