Friday Favorites

We made it to Friday you guys! What is everyone up to this weekend? Any fun Halloween plans? I still can’t believe October has come and gone so quickly as it did. I feel like it was just September a second ago!


How pretty is this photo that I took? It was a beautiful fall day last Sunday.

This Weeks Favorites:

  • Did you take my super quick survey? If not, please do so! I would love to hear your feedback so I can make Splash of Preppy exactly what you envision it to be!


  • Did you see the SNL 3rd debate? Can’t tell if it is sad that I think this is laughable. This season in politics has been a sight to see (that is all I am going to say). It is crazy to believe that the election is less than 2 weeks away!


  • This jacket. And it is 30% off. Can I get a hands up emoji in the air?


  • Have you guys heard of Poshmark? It is a website where you can sell/buy clothing. I have a page (full of J.Crew, Lilly, Coach, etc) if you want to check it out. My username is: elletaco (don’t ask..long story)

Have a great weekend!



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