How To Stay Healthy In The Cooler Months

Happy Monday! Boy yesterday was a beautiful Sunday here in NYC. Other than the wind, the sun was shinning and it was just a perfect fall day. I spent the day walking around and doing errands while soaking up some sun since I know the weather is going to get a lot cooler the next couple of weeks. When winter rolls around I swear I get seasonal depression and I downright hate the cold. I am not a fan of how dark it gets in the late afternoon and I find that people tend to hibernate on the weekends.


Usually when the colder weather rolls around, we tend to become less motivated when it comes to working out. Not really sure why this is but I have a feeling it’s because we are able to wear lots of layers, sweatpants, sweatshirts, etc. But not to fear! I put together my top ways on how I stay healthy in the cooler months.

  1. Try to wear jeans and not sweatpants. Don’t panic. You can wear your yoga pants, leggings, sweatpants to stay comfortable but it is important to wear your jeans or tight fitting pants every once in a while to stay in check with your waistline.
  2. Continue to workout. In the spring and summer months we tend to be more devoted to the gym and working out. We want to look better in that bikini and the clothing in the warmer months tends to be less. In the colder months I still work out just as much as I do in the summer because it gets me warm. As silly as that sounds, I love going to a hot yoga class because of the warmth. As noted above, I hate the cold and this is a great way to warm your body up while doing something active.
  3. Read food labels. This one you should be doing year round but you should really do this in the colder months. When it is cold out, I always make something in my crockpot or soup. Soup is something that you really have to be careful of because of the high levels of sodium. In the summer, we tend to make more recipes with fresh fruits and veggies but this can be difficult later in the year. There are so many great options on Pinterest and be sure to follow my board (crockpot recipes) for some great ideas.
  4. Come up with fun outdoor activities. The fall time is great for going outdoors. You can go on a long walk, bike ride, hike, you name it but when it gets colder it tends to get harder. You can go ice skating, a shorter walk, a gym class, etc. There are so many great ways to continue to stay active during the winter!

What are your tips in staying active in the cooler months?

I’m really interested to learn what you do!


5 thoughts on “How To Stay Healthy In The Cooler Months

  1. I hardly ever weigh myself, and instead choose to judge my weight based on how my pants feel. As much as I love wearing leggings like every day, jeans are good for keeping your weight in check!

    Ellen | A Pop of Pink

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