Step Into My Weekend

Happy Wednesday y’all! Woof this week is a rough one and it is probably due to the fact I was out of work from Thursday – Tuesday because I was in Chicago. This (long) weekend was so much fun walking around Chicago and visiting a city I have only been to once before. I fortunately had pretty good weather except for Sunday (it was very cloudy) so it made the whole exploring thing a little more enjoyable. After all the positive comments and emails I received on my Step Into My Life post I figured I should do one for the past weekend.


What’s going to Chicago without visiting the bean…


And the Riverwalk…


Lincoln Park


Wrigley Field was so cool to see (and it didn’t hurt going there during a NLCS game!)


The sign (and pizza) were too good not to post


I even was able to go to Hallie’s Soul Cycle class before heading to the airport! Highly recommend taking her class if you are in the area. My body hurts as I am typing this post…

Have y’all been to Chicago? If so, what are your favorite things to do and see?!


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