I Can Feel The Soul

Sooooo if you didn’t catch my tweet on Twitter, yesterday I took my first Soul Cycle class and OMG am I in love. It is all that you can possibly imagine it to be. Overwhelming, exciting, thrilling, nauseating (kind of), and oh so much more. I have been taking cycling classes before I moved to NYC and just wasn’t able to find the right studio. As you know, I have been going to Pure Barre and loving every minute of it but I definitely wanted to find a place where I can kick up the cardio a bit. And boy did I. I had an amazing instructor and she was so motivating and had an amazing playlist (which makes a huge difference). I can’t wait to go back again once my legs don’t feel like jello anymore (LOL).


Have any of y’all taken a Soul Cycle class before?!


4 thoughts on “I Can Feel The Soul

  1. Soul Cycle is my absolute favorite! I’ve been taking classes for over two years now; it is so addicting! I’m glad you had a great experience! ๐Ÿ™‚ I took one bar method class and couldn’t sit down for a week! But it was a good burn!

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