Date Outfits

So we have all been there. Standing in front of our closets for hours debating on what to wear for different occasions. Since we have reached a new season, I figured I would put together a day & night outfit you can wear on a date. I am a firm believer of being completely comfortable when you are on a date. You want an outfit to reflect your personality but you want to be really comfortable and feel confident in what you are wearing.

Day Date Outfit:


Jacket, Shoes, Bag, Jeans

This day outfit is perfect for a quick lunch, walk around the park, apple picking or really any type of activity. It is very comfortable and you will continue to wear these pieces throughout the year. Wearing a jacket is important especially during the fall because it can always get pretty cool. I would either wear a simple t-shirt or a light weight sweater under the jacket. You can also finish this outfit with a cute blanket scarf.

Date Night Outfit


Shoes, Bag, Earrings, Dress

I am obsessed with everything about this outfit. I love the purple color for fall and the heals, dress, and earrings all go together so well. You will feel so feminine wearing this outfit during date night. I have a more basic handbag and it kind of dresses this outfit down a bit and makes it feel more relaxed.

One issue that I tend to have an I’m sure I am not the only one is finding the right bra to pair an outfit with. Again you want something very functional and comfortable. You don’t want to fuss with the straps all night or be worried about a wardrobe malfunction. Adore me has some great (and affordable) pieces and the best thing is that almost every single bra comes in many different colors so you can pair the right piece to what you are wearing. I am sure you have seen their commercials before but have you actually went on their website? I strongly suggest you do along with checking out their Pinterest page to stay up to date with all the latest trends.

What I am loving is the racerback trend because the bra’s are so comfortable but it comes with such a beautiful lace back. You can pair the Lidia bra with both outfits listed and feel so feminine at the same time. Bralette’s are also my favorite and they are SO popular now. I love the White Bralette Alessandra and the neutral color since it can go with everything.



What are your go to date outfits?


This post was inspired by a partnership with Adore Me. As always, opinions are my own. 

9 thoughts on “Date Outfits

  1. I love all your cute outfit ideas! That tote bag in the first look is something I’ve been eyeing for a while now, it’s perfect for nights out!
    xoxo, Addie

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