What I’m Loving Lately

Happy Fall Y’all!

Wanted to start a new series today showing y’all what I am currently loving. I will put together some of my favorite articles, songs, clothing, pins, you name it from the week that I discovered so you can love them too!



Quilted Hunting Vest


Driftwood All in One Bag

Cooking (Be sure to follow me on Pinterest, I keep pinning some great things)


Meaningful eats, gluten free pumpkin chocolate chip bread


Closer- The Chainsmokers (on repeat the past 1.5x months)

Anything Adele (I’m going to her concert at MSG on Friday!!!!!!!)

Mine- Phoebe Ryan


Still reading The Girl On The Train. Hoping to get it finished before October so I can see the movie!

What about y’all? What are you wanting/cooking/listening/reading? If you want me to continue posts like these let me know down below.


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