Barbour Monograming Event

So this past Saturday I went on a little adventure to the Midtown Bloomingdales! Bloomingdales was sponsoring an event with Barbour where you could get your new Barbour jacket monogramed for FREE. It was the perfect timing because fall is just around the corner and I will start wearing my new Barbour as soon as the temperature drops. As many of you know, I purchased a new Barbour jacket around a month ago and I seriously can’t wait to start wearing it since it is a staple piece for fall.


Barbour had two ladies at the event and boy were they sweet. They not only took time to get to know me but they helped me in choosing what font/color I should get on my jacket. It is a pretty big decision to make because when you monogram any item of clothing it is permanent. I decided to go with the gold/yellow font on the pocket. I was able to choose from many different colors but I knew this one would be perfect. There is gold in the inside of the jacket so it just makes it stand out a little more.

Barbour is such an amazing company with some great products. If you have not yet checked out their website I highly recommend you doing that right now to learn more about the brand and to obviously shop around! Below I have put together a couple of my favorite pieces that I think would be perfect for fall.

Screen Shot 2016-09-11 at 4.52.32 PM.png

Classic Beadnell Wax Jacket (what I have)


Caster Quilted Jacket


Saddleworth Quilted Gilet (actually obsessed with this thing)

Anyone have any favorite Barbour items?

If you have any questions about my purchase or recommendations be sure to reach out!



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