Hello New MacBook

Happy Tuesday everyone oh and Happy September! I still can’t believe it is already September since I feel like yesterday was June. Anyways, I just returned back to New York after a well needed vacation with my family. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t in my favor because it rained almost every day. August in Florida is known to rain and boy did it. But fortunately it didn’t rain the entire day so I was still able to enjoy some sunshine!

Two days after I arrived in Florida, my dad and I went to the Apple Store because I needed to get a new MacBook ASAP. My first MacBook I received for Christmas in 2009 so my computer was about to hit the 7 year mark and in MacBook time, that is a pretty long life. I was between the MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro. I currently had the MacBook Pro and I loved it. However when I spoke with the Apple guy in the store I asked for him to compare the different models for me so I could make the decision on which one would better suite me. I ended up going with the MacBook Air for a couple of reasons.

The MacBook Pro has way more complex features that I honestly would never use and it is still a lot heavier than the MacBook Air and MacBook. The Air comes in a 13″ screen which is really important to me. I originally was going with the MacBook because the Retina Display but when I discovered the screen comes only in 12″ I immediately decided against it. If you compare the two screens, one inch bigger makes such a big difference. And don’t get me wrong, the Air has an incredibly display and it is crystal clear.

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 6.43.25 PM

Is anyone else in the market for a new laptop?

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