College Blog Series

Hope everyone is having a great week so far! Is it just me or is this the longest week ever? Makes sense to me because it is the first full week of work after the 4th. I was looking at the local stores and the weekly ad at Target and of course, back to school season is starting. Many of my readers I know are heading off to college or are currently in college. Since I graduated college 2 years ago (gross) I feel like it is finally the time where I can share all my wisdom with y’all.
Thank you to my readers who gave me some suggestions as to the content that has been requested but please feel free to Tweet me (@splashofpreppy), email, or comment below as to other topics you would like for me to discuss.

Here are some that have been requested or some that I have been brainstorming:

  1. College fashion essentials
  2. Things I wish i did my freshman year
  3. How to meet friends
  4. How to feel less home sick and stay in communication with high school friends
  5. My routine during the week and weekend
  6. Study tips / picking a major / determining what classes to take
  7. Tips in general

Stay tuned in the next upcoming weeks for more content. I am thinking of posting 2 topics per week so y’all have enough time to absorb all my tips before heading back to school.

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