Get Organized

I am currently writing this post in my bed and under my covers. Why, you may ask? Well the current temperature outside is -6 degrees. With this being said, my weekend was pretty low key due to the sudden temperature drop. Even though I hate being stuck in my apartment all weekend, I have to admit, it was nice because I did get a lot accomplished even though it was in a small space.

One of my 2016 resolutions was to get more organized…in my closet. I have been meaning to organize my closet for quite some time but I just never dedicated a day to clean out my closet. I mean, who would? So with the freezing temperatures, I decided this was the weekend to get this checked off my list. Boy do I feel great that it is done! I was able to get rid of so many sweaters, skirts, jackets, etc that I’ve been holding on to since high school (that’s a LONG time ago). I realized I became very attached to my clothes and I made a promise to myself that if I didn’t wear a piece of clothing for 6 months that means that those pieces have to go since  I probably won’t be wearing them anytime soon. After cleaning out my closet and having 6 massive garbage bags full of clothes, that I am donating to Goodwill, I made a promise to myself that when I buy 3 pieces of clothing, I have to donate something. I need to keep my closet under control and put things in perspective.

I feel like a completely new person since my closet is very organized and I am glad I was able to donate such great pieces to the local Goodwill. Is cleaning out your closet on the top of your 2016 to do list?

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