New Year, Improved Me

Happy 2016 everyone!!! I got back earlier this morning from the Sunshine State where I spent 2 weeks. It was such a lovely and relaxing Holiday Break spending it with the people that mean the most to me. On my way home, I thought about my New Years Resolutions. I am sure you all are saying, “is she really just thinking of a resolution even though 2016 has already started?” Well…kinda. I have never really been the type to have New Years Resolutions since I find it more realistic to think of improvements I would like to make in the new year. So here we go, here are my New Years ‘Improvements’:

(1) Blog more. I swear I go through periods where I blog all the time and then periods when I don’t blog for months. I can admit, blogging is very time consuming especially when you work a full time job. I really do love blogging and it is something that I enjoy. Please hold me more accountable this year and as always comment below with suggestions on what you would like me to post this year!

(2) Continue to live a healthy lifestyle. No explanation here (as I am eating a cookie).

(3) Continue to save money. This is something that I am sure everyone struggles with. Since a teenager, I always considered myself a smart spender and a decent saver. Saving money is REALLY important and I suggest everyone start saving a little more each year.

(4) Volunteer. I volunteered all the time in high school and college but since I moved and started my full-time job I feel like I have no time to do volunteer activities.

(5) Continue to smile, put things in perspective, and count my blessings.

What are your New Years Improvements? Happy 2016!


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