What I’ve Been Up To Lately

First off, so sorry for not posting in nearly a month. The past month has been extremely hectic with work, traveling, and trying to be social. Since I last posted, I reached my one year moving anniversary and one year work anniversary of being in corporate America. Pretty darn exciting yet nerve wracking at the same time. As I reflect on my last year there are a lot of great memories and hard times that I faced this past year. I can say that I have grown significantly and learned more about myself than I thought was possible. I am really exciting to see what the next year has to bring in my career and my personal life.

This past weekend, I went to Chicago for the first time and let me tell you, I am in love with the city. It honestly is the smaller version of New York City. Ever since I was little, I was very spoiled by being only a 45 minute train ride into the city. Since I was so close to New York City I never ventured out to another city (like Chicago) since I thought what I had in my backyard was good enough. Boy was I wrong. The city is beautiful. I was only there for a short time (the day / night) since I was coming back from a football game but I enjoyed every minute of it. I visited the iconic Chicago Bean, saw the river, and ate some amazing food. Since I had such a great time, I wanted to share with you some pictures from my trip:




Have any of you been to Chicago? If so, what are your favorite spots because I am definitely going back sooner than later.

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