Magazine Subscriptions

Ever since I was little, I would always love spending time relaxing and reading a magazine. My first magazine subscription was Highlights (I loved the joke section). Do y’all remember that one? One year for my birthday, my grandma signed me up for Teen Vogue and Seventeen Magazine. I thought that was the coolest thing ever. Once I moved into my new apartment I decided to stop going to the drug store every month and spend $4+ on my favorite magazines when I could subscribe to the magazine and spend only $20 for a 2 year subscription. My favorites have always been Women’s Health and People Style Watch. It is always so exciting getting these magazines in the mail. Last night I decided to subscribe to Cooking Light. I have always looked online for recipes but why not do both?! My mom received Cooking Light and there were always some great recipes in there. Plus, I am trying to cook more at home.

Does anyone have any favorite magazines? What magazines are y’all subscribed to?

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