After Party Sale Recap

Happy Monday Y’all! Hope everyone had a great day. Since I know everyone who is reading this probably visited the Lilly Pulitzer website this morning to see what this After Party is all about. Am I right?! I sure checked it out and in fact, I was able to purchase 4 dresses and a scarf. Once my purchases arrive, I will post what I bought on the blog (so stay tuned)! As you know, this sale was different because the second you went on the website at 8am, you were placed in a virtual line. I fortunately was the 200th guest on the website so the wait time was not that long and I was able to score some great things. However, a friend of mine went on the website at 8am too but had to wait over an hour to check out the website. She fortunately was able to pick out some great things but she told me that it was slim pickings.

There still are a couple of great pieces left so I suggest you all check out the site one more time before bed!

Leave in the comments below what you were able to pick up. I’m very curious to see what everyone scored!

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