Valentine’s Day Gifts- Girls Edition

Since it is February, I found it necessary to come up with a few Valentine’s day gifts that are great to give to your friends, mom, or even for yourself (i don’t judge)! Today’s post are gifts for the ladies but tune in tomorrow and see my top Valentine’s Day gift picks for that special guy in your life.

Tory Burch-

(1) Kerrington Brigitte Cosmetic Case…I love this! It is such a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day!

(2) Heart-embossed Multi-gusset Zip Contental Wallet.. love the color

(3) Adeline Fret Stud Earring..so cute

Kate Spade-

(1) Love Birds Wink Clutch.. this is ADORABLE. I want/need this (hope my non-existent boyfriend is reading this right now)

(2) Cedar Street Small Hayden..perfect color for any occasion

(3) Chelsea Square Hayden…love the colors and size/shape of the bag

Girls, what are you wishing for this Valentine’s Day? Does anyone have any fun plans?

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