Weekend Recap

Happy February! I can’t believe how quickly the month of January has gone by. I hope everyone is still living by their New Year’s resolutions (I may not be…) but hey, it’s a new month! I have been extremely busy with work lately and it has made me exhausted. This weekend I devoted it to “me time” and it was a great weekend. On Friday night, I went to see American Sniper with my friend and oh my goodness..that movie was amazing. It was a very intense movie but I honestly think every American should go see this movie just to witness how men and women risk their lives everyday for our freedom. The movie honestly put everything in perspective for me. If you haven’t already seen the movie, I really recommend you all to see it! On Saturday, I woke up early and hit the gym and went to a pilates class. It was awesome and my body is still sore from all the ab work! After my pilates class, I ran some errands. I went into Ann Taylor Loft to find some more professional work clothes. I was so happy right when I walked into the store because they have some spring clothes in! It is such a relief seeing that spring isn’t too too far away. I picked up this top and I’m obsessed. I love the colors and it is such a great shirt to wear to work or even out to dinner on the weekends. If you are interested in purchasing this top, be sure to size down. I actually went with an XS Petite because the regular small size was too baggy! After I went shopping, I went to Whole Foods and picked up the necessities. I’m trying very hard to learn to pack my lunch the night before and bring it to work so I don’t have to go out to eat every day (it gets expensive and isn’t very healthy). I got some sushi for my dinner on Saturday and some chicken / sweet potatoes / and zucchini to make for dinner on Sunday and eat the leftovers today for lunch! Sunday was a day full of relaxing and sitting on the couch. I love Sundays just because there isn’t any pressure to do anything and it is acceptable to be a bum all day. Gotta recharge for the work week ahead!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! What did everyone do?

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