Article Club

Happy Friday everyone! Phew…we made it to Friday. This week and last week (why I haven’t posted since last week) was rough. I have a lot going on at work and I was honestly so busy from sunrise to sunset. I should have been using my down time to write blog posts but my couch and the TV was so inviting. I also tried to hit the gym when I got home from work to get rid of some stress. Some days I did, some days the couch was even more inviting. I really don’t have a bunch going on this weekend which makes me happy but that doesn’t mean that I won’t be busy. I have a lot of errands to run, a lot of apartment cleaning, and football to watch. Tomorrow I’m going to a gym class because I found this amazing groupon. They offer a 30-day pass for kickboxing, zumba, cycling, and other classes for only $39. That’s one heck on a deal. I’m looking forward to switching up my workout routine and also it will give me something fun to do!

So every single Wednesday, my friends and I thought it would be a good idea to have an article club. Sure this is more of an opportunity to see each other but most importantly a time to drink wine. Let’s be real, that’s the most important part of the article club. Jokes aside, this week we all read a pretty cool article and I think everyone should read it. Every single week either on Thursday or Friday, I’m going to post what article we all read so you can all read it too. Let me know your thoughts on the article and if you have an articles that you suggest we read!

This weeks article: To Fall in Love with Anyone, Do This.

Have a great weekend!

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