What I’m Currently Watching

Alright, the holidays are officially over (i’m so sad) and the cold is becoming less bearable. I still have my little 2 foot christmas tree sitting in my living room and I refuse to take it down. I think I’m going to keep it up through January because when the snow falls and it is so cold outside it looks so pretty! Always, even though the holidays are over, there are so many new shows or old shows that are coming back. Here are a list of my favorite shows that I will be tuning into each night:

(1) Revenge. YES. It is back. I honestly love this show and I am so excited that it is back. The second half of the season premiered last night at 10pm EST on ABC. I’m not going to spoil anything but WOW wasn’t it good?!

(2) The Bachelor. I mean, who doesn’t love watching the Bachelor / Bachelorette? I can admit, it is my guilty pleasure. When I was in college, I would always watch it with my girlfriends and catch up. It is one of those shows where you can have a side conversation or do something while the show is playing. I’m going over my friends apartment tonight and we are going to watch it together throughout the season. Did I mention that the premiere is 3 hours long?! It premiers tonight at 8PM EST on ABC.

(3) Pretty Little Liars. I believe I have watched this show from the very first season. To be honest, I have a love and hate relationship with this show. I can go missing 3 weeks of the show at a time and when I watch it again, I feel like nothing had changed. I could be completely wrong. However, I still really enjoy watching it. It premiers tomorrow at 8pm EST on ABC family.

(4) The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Since moving to my apartment in October, I have been trying to find other shows to watch. I have obviously heard of the Real Housewives show before but I’ve actually never seen it. Maybe I never had Bravo on my TV at home? Or I just never thought about watching it? Who knows. But there have been marathons of this show over the weekends and again, it is a guilty pleasure of mine. The episodes continue on Tuesdays at 9pm EST on BRAVO.

(5) Millionaire Matchmaker. Yes, you can judge me. I was watching TV last Thursday and randomly saw Kristin Cavallari talking to some girl about dating. I found that very interesting and random. So I ended up watching the entire show and was laughing the entire time. (Another guilty pleasure). If you are interested in watching this show, it is on every Thursday at 10pm EST on Bravo.

Those are all the shows that I can think of that interest me! The only day I don’t have a show commitment is on Wednesday. Are there any new shows out there that are on Wednesday that I would be interested in?


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