Get Ready to Shop, Drop, and Roll

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The Lilly Pulitzer sale is ALMOST here. The sale officially starts tomorrow at 8am EST! Lilly Pulitzer rarely has items on sale in their store or online during the year except for their 2 after party sales. Over the past couple of years, I have found some great pieces of clothing and accessories at amazing prices. I usually stick to purchasing a nice dress and saving it for a special occasion. Last year I purchased two scarves and a beach bag and I really missed buying that special dress. I am planning on a trip in April to visit my parents in Florida so it would be great to find a nice dress to wear when we have dinner at the beach club! Before 8am tomorrow, be sure to read my tips on how to survive (not your bank account) the sale:

(1) Create an account. If you haven’t done so yet, do it. It is so much easier to have all of your address information and credit card information saved so you can easily press submit at checkout. It saves a lot of time and hassle!

(2) Create a budget. This might be the hardest part. It can be so easy to click ‘add to bag’ for every cute item you see because it is at an amazing price, but those $40 items can add up very quickly. Like I said before, I find it worth it to purchase one dress that still can be pretty expensive (but still at a great discount). I know this dress will last me a long time and it is more valuable then a bunch of miscellaneous things my closet really doesn’t need.

(3) Know your size. One issue with me is that I’ve always been between sizes. And this can sometimes be a problem. Since the word FINAL SALE scares me to death, I always would size up. This has been a pretty big mistake in the past, especially with dresses and shorts. I find that most of my shorts I have to wear a belt with and my dresses I ordered have to be altered. The issue with getting things altered is that when the dress is about $60 I find myself spending $50 getting it to fit properly. Something you really should consider!

(4) Most importantly: have fun! Sure the website is going to crash (probably several times) but it is fun to finally get the email saying your items have shipped. Make some room in your closet and know you got some great deals!

Comment below if you have any more tips or have any questions for me!

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