New Year. New Me.

2015 is finally here! I decided to create a post for you all that go through my new years resolutions. I typically don’t share my resolutions (so feel special) but I feel like if I write them down (to the public) I will be more inclined to stick to them. So here we go…


(1) Do More. I have always been such a home body since I was little. I think it’s because I’m an only child and I always felt the comfort of my home. Since moving to a new city and practically leaving my family behind, I found how important it is to do more. I’m the first one to admit that I can spend an entire weekend relaxing on the couch, watching a movie, and running errands by myself and feel content. However, I know that is not the best thing to do all the time especially because I want this new city to start feeling like home and I want to build the relationships I have made so far with the new people I have met here. I still will find time to do things for myself and by myself since it is second nature to me. One thing I love to do during the warmer months is to take a nice long walk and listen to music by myself. It makes me feel so relaxed and it is something that I enjoy very much. This year I’m trying to make a huge effort in being more social especially at night and meeting new people!

(2) Smile More. To be honest, it has been very difficult for me moving away from the ‘known’. I really miss my family and friends tremendously. I am trying to accept that this is my new life and I should be very grateful for all the opportunities that I have been blessed with. I really want to smile more and be truly happy with where I am, who I am, and the young woman I have become.

(3) Stay connected with loved ones. Since moving away from my family and friends, it can sometimes be difficult to stay connected with loved ones. Each one of us have different schedules so it can sometimes be hard to find time to simply catch up. Being thousands of miles away, I can’t just call my friends and ask them if they want to meet up for coffee or drinks. Now I have to either call them or text them throughout the day. I know when I receive a small text just saying hello from my friends it means a lot to me. It always puts a smile on my face just knowing that they are thinking about me. I have built so many amazing relationships with all my friends and I never want those relationships to fade. So in 2015 I’m going to make sure the relationships I have made with people far away from me grow further and further.

(4) Stay true to myself. It can be very easy to lose touch of yourself. Through out my entire life, I have learned the importance of staying true to myself and doing what I love to do. It is as simple as that.

What are your 2015 New Years resolutions?


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