2014 Recap

Happy New Year everyone! Boy oh boy did 2014 fly by. There were many ups and downs in 2014 but overall it was an amazing year. There were many things that happened that I never thought would happen. I decided to go through some big events from 2014 with you all!

(1) I graduated from college. I honestly still can’t believe I’m done with college. Those four years flew by and they were the best four years of my life. I am really envious of everyone who is in college or who is going to college in the next upcoming years. If you are graduating from college this year in May, remember to live every moment. Spring semester of my senior year was one of the best times of my life. I studied hard but I really enjoyed myself. My connections with my friends got stronger and my love for my college grew even more. I made sure I got involved in everything my last semester because I didn’t want to regret anything when I left. I still can’t believe it’s over!

(2) My grandma passed away. This was by far one of the hardest things I had to face this year. My grandmother was my best friend and it was so hard to see her go. I think about her all the time and I continue to miss her more and more each day. However, I understand she is in a better place and I have learned not to fear death.

(3) I moved. Even though all of my readers know this already, I will say it again. I moved from Connecticut to Minneapolis to start my first big girl job after college. It was one of the scariest yet the most exciting thing I have ever done. Years ago I never pictured myself moving far away from my family and friends. I always saw myself working and living in New York City because it was so close to home. Sure I have my days where I’m really home sick and I want to move back, but there are so many great opportunities out in Minneapolis for me and I have to embrace it. I believe it is a lot easier moving away from home right after college rather than being in a routine at home again. I am very blessed with the opportunities God has granted me and I am very thankful.

(4) I started blogging. This month will mark the one year anniversary of my blog. I honestly love blogging and it is a passion of mine. I am so glad I decided to make a blog last year because if I haven’t, I wouldn’t have been exposed to different people and different perspectives. My blog has let me meet and interview many amazing bloggers and work with some wonderful companies. I am truly blessed to have something really enjoyable to go to after my long day at my desk job. I am very thankful for each one of my viewers. Without you all, I wouldn’t be the blogger who I was today. One of my main New Year’s resolutions is to be more interactive with my readers and come up with more interesting posts/topics. With this being said..I need your help through out the year. Let me know what you want me to write about or interview!

Happy New Year everyone! Make 2015 a great one.


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