Let’s Catch Up

Happy Monday everyone! I haven’t been able to post in a long time only because I traveled back home to Connecticut for Christmas and I only brought my iPad home and not my laptop. I had such a great time at home being with family and friends. It was a very short trip but very refreshing just laying at home, in front of the fire, with loved ones. I can’t believe how quickly Christmas came and left. I still love how Minneapolis has their Christmas lights still outside on the trees. Since it is getting colder and snowier, the lights just make it so pretty. It was hard for me to get back into the swing of things at work because I’m still very tired from getting back to Minneapolis late last night. I definitely have to catch on some sleep before New Years. I haven’t exactly figured out what I am doing yet for NYE but I’m excited for 2015. There is something about a fresh start and a New Year. I really think everyone feels inspired to try something new, kick a bad habit, or continue to grow. I haven’t quite figured out my New Years resolution but there are many things I would like to work on next year! What are some of your New Years resolutions?

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