Thanksgiving Leftover Ideas

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with family, food, and football. I don’t know about you, but I’m still stuffed. Thanksgiving was SO good. Even though I spent the holiday without being surrounded by family (we still vid-chat) it was still a great day. I was able to have some well-deserved “me” time and it was a great day. Not only are your stomachs stuffed but so is your fridge with…LEFTOVERS. When I was little the word leftovers honestly made me cringe. I hated them. The only leftovers I liked were pizza and Thanksgiving leftovers. For lunch the day after Thanksgiving, my family and I would have turkey sandwiches. These were just soooo good. For dinner, we would put the leftover turkey in a pot with the leftover gravy. I swear, this turkey tastes 10000x better than the day before. My mouth is literally watering because I’m that excited for dinner tonight. We would always cook a new batch of peas and reheat the sweet potatoes and stuffing. SO GOOD. There are so many great ways to eat leftovers and I found a couple on Pinterest I wanted to share with you all:

(1) Healthy Avocado Chicken (Turkey) Salad.


(2) Turkey Quesadilla. YUM

612284f434eb0817d5b06daf6a05bb59(3) Turkey and Rice Soup. In our family, we always make a soup using the leftover turkey. Nothing beats soup on a cold fall day!


What do you all do with your Thanksgiving leftovers?


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