What Caught My Eye on Pinterest

As you all may know, I love Pinterest. I have posted about this love many many times but I can’t even describe how much I love it. Whenever I am bored, I go on Pinterest. I wanted to share with you some outfits / food posts / house posts / random pictures I saw on Pinterest. Be sure to follow me!

(1) These cookies. I mean, how adorable are they?! They are the perfect treat for Thanksgiving and I’m really considering making them!


(2) This scarf. It almost looks as comfortable as my Pottery Barn throw blanket I bought last weekend. I honestly would never take this scarf off my neck if I had it. Mission: FIND THIS SCARF.

1f040b4b72ca873203fc2bc95744cb4e (3) This outfit. I don’t know what it is but I just love this outfit. It might be the scarf, super cozy sweater, or those black pants! Such an adorable outfit.


(4) This living room. If this was my living room, I would never leave. This is the definition of the perfect living room to take a nap and watch a movie. I love the candles and the throw blankets. Makes me sleepy just looking at it!


(5) Such a cute and preppy living room. Isn’t this living room adorable? I love the painting and the pink galore! The coffee table is so cute and I love the fabric! Whoever designed this living room..they certainly have a great eye!


Comment below if you all like my Pinterest posts! I wanted to share with you all what caught my attention this week on Pinterest!


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