Black Friday

Happy Monday! I can’t believe it is already the week of Thanksgiving. Even though this year is flying by, I’m so excited because it is my favorite part of the year. I love the holidays and nothing beats the decorations, food, and most importantly spending time with loved ones. Unfortunately, I’m not going home this year for Thanksgiving because I just started my job and I was unsure about what days I have off / it was too late to purchase flights. Even though I’m really disappointed about going home, it will be nice to have a day to myself and I suppose, make new traditions. I already told my family that I’m going to video-chat with them when we both eat dinner. One thing I am really nervous about is cooking my first Thanksgiving….so I’m taking it easy. I’m making stuffing (of course, it’s my absolute favorite), peas, sweet potatoes, and apple crisp. I’m considering going to Whole Foods and getting a rotisserie chicken just so I can have leftovers! There is no way I can prepare a turkey on my own considering I don’t have all the cooking utensils to properly cook a turkey! All of this is going to be a challenge but it’s something I’m looking forward to.

I have never gone Black Friday shopping in my life. I personally think it’s stupid how the day before we are supposedly so “thankful” for everything and suddenly the next day people get stepped over to get the last xbox. I mean I completely understand why people go shopping so EARLY (not late on Thanksgiving) to get a great deal. I’m all for getting a great deal but I think Thanksgiving should be a day full of thanks and spending time with loved ones. I have been a huge Cyber Monday girl because I truly believe you can get the same deal online. Most companies these days are even giving customers free shipping. If it were up to me, I believe everyone should plop on their couch, with a lot of leftovers, and go online shopping instead! But, if it is a tradition to go Black Friday with loved ones…go for it! I’m all about traditions. My tradition has always been to not go Black Friday shopping!

This weekend, I plan to get a crock pot. I’m hoping I find a store that has a killer deal and I can finally get my crock pot. It is something that is on my list of things to purchase! I already have my mom’s Christmas gifts bought and the only thing I need to do is get my dad his Christmas gift. I’m really thinking about getting him another Vineyard Vines button down since he loves them!

In the upcoming weeks I will post some great gift ideas! Comment below with you thoughts on Black Friday!

Have a good one!


6 thoughts on “Black Friday

  1. AWWWW. I’m so sorry you don’t get to go home for the holidays! My best friend moved to Memphis this year and is staying home as well and I hate thinking of her being alone!

    In regards to your Black Friday shopping – I HATE shopping on Black Friday. 1. I get claustrophobic 2. I don’t like rude people and I have this weird incessant need to teach people lessons 3. I don’t seem to find wonderful deals because of 1 and 2. I love cyber Monday and I love sitting around watching movies, cleaning and just enjoying Black Friday. I’ve actually heard that Thanksgiving has the best online deals – even over Cyber Monday! So maybe that’s some food for thought?

    – Sarah 🙂

  2. I went Black Friday shopping for the first time last year and while it was fun going through stores with my sister and two cousins, I much prefer waiting for Cyber Monday and not having to deal with lots of crowds. Good luck prepping your first Thanksgiving meal!

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