26 Acts of Kindness

As many of you may not know, I am originally from a small town in Connecticut very close to Newtown, Connecticut. December 14, 2012 changed my life forever. Not only I was affected by the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy but my family, friends, and community were also shattered. When you see tragedies like this on TV, you always think something this horrific could never happen to your community. Well on December 14, 2012…this horrific tragedy happened to my community. I remember this day perfectly. I was in the library on the 4th floor studying for my history final exam. I was taking a study break and I decided to go on Facebook. Someone who I went to school with had a status that said “praying for Newtown.” For some reason, my mind didn’t wonder why she was saying this. And then as I kept scrolling down my newsfeed, I saw the words “can’t believe this happened”. I immediately googled Newtown, Connecticut and right then an there I crashed. I left the library as soon as I could and I called my father. He then told of what happened. At that time, the news was not very clear on exactly what happened but they knew it wasn’t good. I unfortunately had to take a final exam in 15 minutes and I tried very hard not to think about what was going on at home. Right after I took my final exam, I called my Dad back, and I could tell by the sound of his voice that it wasn’t good. I was walking quickly back to my apartment so I could turn on the news and as I was walking I was thinking about all the children I knew attending that school. My legs froze and I was going to faint. Some how I managed to get myself back to my apartment to watch the news. Right when I saw pictures of Newtown, the school, the panic on everyones face I started to cry. This is home and my home is being destroyed. I was an emotional mess. My father ended up picking me up from college that day because I had to get back home to my family. This honestly was the worst day of my life. There isn’t a day that passes by where I don’t think of those 26 children and teachers. My heart breaks just thinking about it again. Since then, my community has gotten so strong and there is finally light at the end of the tunnel. The children and teachers will forever be in our hearts and will be remembered each and every day.

Last year, the We are Newtown foundation came up with the idea of 26 Acts of Kindness. And I’m excited to announce today is day 1! All you simply do is perform an act of kindness (can be big or small) each day leading up to December 14th. Each act of kindness is to represent each life that was lost during this tragedy. I really really really would love if all my readers would participate and share their journey with me! You can post of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all your acts of kindness using the #26ActsofKindness and #WeAreNewtown hashtag!



(Here are 10 names to start your 10 acts of kindness…I will post the 16 more names after 10 days passes)

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