Friday Favorites

Is it just me or did the week literally FLY by? I’m perfectly fine with that. It is officially Halloween Weekend! I have really never been a huge fan of Halloween (something must be wrong with me) so this weekend really isn’t all that different. I have never been the one in my group of friends to be extremely excited for Halloween. Sure it is fun to dress up with a bunch of your friends or solo but to me, it is a tedious task. Don’t get me wrong, I love the concept of Halloween when you are young. It was SO much fun getting dressed up and walking around the neighborhood getting pounds and pounds of candy. That was the absolute best. But, once you hit your late teens / early 20’s I find it amusing how people still get dressed up. And the worst part? Where is the candy? Tonight I am going to my friends ‘halloween’ party with some other new co-workers. Even though I’m not a huge fan of Halloween, I’m still going to attend because there will be new people I have never met at the party and it is a way to meet new people in a new city!

Friday Favorites of this week are…..

(1) Pottery Barn. All my Pottery Barn furniture has arrived!! FINALLY. My 4 upholstered dining room chairs arrive on Sunday and I couldn’t be more excited. They sure have some amazing pieces of furniture and I am loving how everything in my apartment (besides my bed and two living room chairs) are from Pottery Barn. These furniture pieces are going to last forever and I am in love with them all.

(2) Cape Cloth. I know I have already done a post on them before (click here) but they just sent me the most incredible winter beanie! I am so excited to wear this hat in the winter when it gets freezing in Minneapolis. I am obsessed with the colors navy and pink so I couldn’t be any happier. They truly are a great company and everyone should check them out!


(3) The iPhone 6. So it is official, my iPhone 4s is on the verge of death. I am going to the Apple store tomorrow to get my new iPhone 6. My current phone is constantly losing its battery, all my apps crash, my texting is so delayed, etc etc etc. I was contemplating between the iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 just because I was a bit skeptical of the size of the new iPhone. But, if I am buying a new phone, I might as well just get the new one with the new technology and features. I sure am very excited to have a working and more reliable phone again!

(4) Halloween Costumes in the past. Still contemplating on what to be for Halloween this year? Ditto. I am a person who picks costumes last minute because like I said earlier, I have never been a huge fan of Halloween. Last year my friends and I were ice cream cones! It was such a simple and cute idea. We went to the fabric store and got brown fabric and wrapped it around to be a skirt and we purchased different color t-shirts to represent different flavors of ice cream. We cut out rectangles of felt to represent sprinkles and tied a red ribbon around our hair to represent a cherry! It was a very cute idea and was a ton of fun!

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 4.45.43 PM

What is everyone being for Halloween this year?

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope you have a ton of fun tonight…don’t forget to eat lots and lots of candy!


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