Friday Favorites

Just realized that I completely forgot to send my Friday Favorites yesterday so technically I guess we can call this post Saturday Favorites. This week has been a very very busy one! As you know, I started my new job on Monday and so far I love it. Everyone in Minneapolis is so friendly so that made it much easier to move here. I have been exploring my new city, running around the beautiful lakes, and finding some very delicious places to grab a bite. This weekend the weather in Minneapolis is going to stay beautiful. It hit 70 degrees yesterday and it was perfect. Mid-60’s and sunny fall days are my absolute favorite. I’m trying to enjoy every moment of it before winter hits (probably in a couple of weeks…eeek). So here are a couple of my favorites for this week:

(1) My interview with Carly from The College Prepster. It was a complete honor interviewing her last week. She is such a doll and is such an inspiration for girls across the world. She is very hardworking and is passionate about everything she does. Plus- her style is timeless and amazing.

(2) Gone Girl. I know, I posted about this movie earlier but I was finally able to see it yesterday. I went with my new friend and we had so much fun. This movie was strange, exciting, passionate, scary and my emotions were all over the place. I really think it was a great movie and the actors did a great job. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, I really recommend you do!

(3) I was introduced to Coastline Outfitters this week! They have such adorable things and I am obsessed with this t-shirt. Once I get my hands on this t-shirt I will be writing a post about it! Be sure to check them out!

(4) Farmer’s Market. Minneapolis has a farmer’s market on Nicollet Mall every Thursday. I believe the farmers market is ending soon because the winter is coming but I love it. I work/live very close to the farmers market so I grabbed some vegetables, fruits, and some home-made cinnamon almonds. Everything is SO cheap. I purchased two giant zucchinis for only $1…who can beat that? Does anyone have a farmers market by them that they love to go to?

Hope you all have a great Fall weekend! Enjoy watching College Football and NFL.


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