New Artwork

So moving into an apartment is a TON of work. Getting your clothes and personal items delivered, ordering new furniture and having that delivered is one thing, but making it feel like home is difficult. Making this apartment feel like ‘home’ was my number 1 objective from the beginning. My goal was to tell people I’m going home instead of I’m going to my apartment. Sure, my home in Connecticut (and soon Florida) will always be my home but this is my new home. I have been spending a ton of time decorating this place. New bedding, new rugs, new plates, new pots and pans, new basically everything is strange. It actually makes it feel like everything is mine and not my parents. I have been spending a ton of time looking online, Pinterest, and blogs to help me get inspiration for my apartment. My rugs are arriving in a couple of weeks and I hope that will make this place feel a little more ‘homey’. I went to Home Goods last weekend and was on a mission to find art work! I think art work adds so much to a space and I was so excited to find a canvas to put in my bathroom. I absolutely love the colors and I think it adds a bunch of color and fun!


(Incase you can’t see it but it is a Chanel perfume bottle that says I love Paris)

This weekend, as I was reading Carly from College Prepster’s blog, I discovered Evelyn Henson prints. Her prints are amazing and she is SO talented. I purchased the Bar Cart Print and I put it in a black frame and I will be hanging it in my kitchen! It is perfect and fits the space beautifully. I am so excited to have someone help me nail the picture to the wall! I really recommend you checking out her website to see her beautiful prints for yourself! Also, be sure to follow her on Twitter!


I will be posting more of my finds once I get even more settled in my apartment!

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