J. Crew’s #lookswelove

HAPPY MONDAY! Today was a very exciting Monday because it was my first official day of work. With this being said, I am officially a corporate gal and won’t stop working until retirement. I had the best day ever and I am so thrilled to work for the company I do and the people I met today! Everyone in Minneapolis sure is really nice and I love it. Such a nice change.

Over the weekend, I spent some time exploring my new city and getting some things for my apartment. My apartment is coming together and starting to feel like home. I purchased these amazing J.Crew Collection Georgie calf hair loafers. I have been lusting over these for months so since they went on sale I had to purchase them immediately. I CAN’T wait for them to arrive. I also came across J.Crew’s #lookswelove and I am obsessed with all of these looks that they put together and I figured I might as well share them with you all. 10703523_10152783318532090_7643416113872235197_n

The outfits are really comfy looking and I love the green coat! All these outfits are perfect for fall. Are there any J.Crew outfits that are catching your eye?


5 thoughts on “J. Crew’s #lookswelove

  1. I too just started a full time job, but I still work part time on weekends at J. Crew because I just love it there so much! I’ve worked there for a few years now and love my team 🙂 Those loafers have been tempting me too… are they comfy?

    1. I used to have a part time job during the summer and winter break in college at J.Crew and I absolutely LOVED it there. Such a fun place to work. I have not received the loafers yet in the mail but I will let you know when they arrive. After reading the comments, it seems like they are!

      Thanks for reading!

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