Friday Favorites

Happy Friday everyone! TGIF! I can’t believe I have already been living in my new city for a week already. I have been really really really busy organizing my things and making this apartment feel like home. All my furniture (bed and a couple of chairs), clothes, etc were delivered by the moving company last Friday. I also had all my Pottery Barn furniture get delivered on Friday as well (see what pieces I bought from this blog post and this one). I am obsessed with all of my Pottery Barn furniture and my apartment is finally coming together. I will be sure to have an updated Apartment post coming up when the rest of my furniture / rugs arrive and when I put art on the wall. There are so many great things that come with moving to a new city. New adventures, new beginnings, new career, and new friends are on the horizon and I can’t wait to start my life here. Since it is Friday, here are a couple of my Friday Favorites:

(1) Cape Codder Sunglasses: be sure to check out my post that I wrote about them yesterday. They are such a great company and I am so glad I found them a couple of weeks ago!

(2) Company C: if you have never heard of this company be sure to check them out. I purchased this rug for my living room and I can’t wait for it arrive. I love the colors and it will look beautiful in my apartment with my new Pottery Barn furniture. They also have adorable pillows I am going to buy as soon as my rug arrives!

(3) The Best of Me: this movie looks absolutely adorable. I am contemplating going to the movies by myself just to see this movie. It is full of love and adventures and I think it is definitely a perfect movie to go see this weekend. Who is excited for this movie?!

(4) Minneapolis: do I need to say more? Even though I have only lived here for a week, this place is starting to feel like home. Everyone is SO friendly here and it is kind of strange. Apparently if you are from the East Coast you will think people from the Mid-West are extremely nice. They weren’t lying when they said that. There are also so many great restaurants around the city too. I love how there are so many lakes close to my apartment and I am so excited to taking my time exploring the city! If anyone has been to Minneapolis or lives here PLEASE give me some recommendation of places I should check out.

Have a great weekend everyone! It feels great to be back!


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