New Home

Hello everyone!!! So sorry for being behind on my blog posts lately! I sure have been busy. I made the journey (via car) from Connecticut to Minneapolis to start my career. The car ride was brutal (1,280 miles) but it was so fun to see some parts of the country I have never seen before. We stopped at Notre Dame and it was the most beautiful campus I have ever seen in my life. I know many family members and friends that attended Notre Dame and since I am irish I felt the need to stop by the campus. Boy, I am happy I did. If anyone drives through South Bend, IN or lives close to Chicago I highly consider everyone making the visit because you won’t regret it.



Touchdown at Touchdown Jesus at Notre Dame

After the long journey, I finally made it to Minneapolis…my new home. Since I was here last summer I became very familiar with the area but there are so many places I am so excited to explore. I have been busy buying everything imaginable for my apartment, taking delivery from Pottery Barn, and getting my things the moving company took from Connecticut. My internet (I’m using the apartments common room wifi) and cable will be set up by the end of this week (thank goodness) so after that I will be back on my blogging grind. There are so many things I am excited to announce and share with you all. Can’t wait to bring you all with my on my journey to Minneapolis.


My new home.

If any of my readers are from Minneapolis or have been there, please comment below with recommendations!


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