Friday Favorites

HAPPY FRIDAY! Can you believe it is already the first Friday of October? Seriously where has the year gone? There have been so many exciting events that have happened so far this year and I am more excited to see what is in store for the remainder of the year. The leaves are looking oh so beautiful and the temperatures are slowly getting cooler. I love this time of the year! Sweater / boot / vest weather is finally here.

This was a great week and I was busy every single day. Here is a wrap up of my week and some of my favorites.

(1) On Tuesday, the moving company came. They came to take away my bed, all my clothes, and miscellaneous things. It officially hit me that I am leaving my childhood home in Connecticut to move to Minneapolis. I have been so excited to move out to Minneapolis since I was given my job offer this summer. But when I got my job offer, October seemed so far away and I never thought it was actually going to get here. Well it did and it hit me. The summer flew by and for some reason I feel like I didn’t do everything I wanted accomplish before I left. Since I live far from my college friends, I was unable to see them. Everyone’s schedules are so different, everyone is so busy, and a lot of things came up. I realized the importance of communicating and being there for one another. I am fortunate that my relationship with my friends doesn’t involve me seeing them all the time. I can remain just as close with my friends and barely see them. We catch up on the phone all the time and it is something I cherish. I leave next week so I am doing all that I possibly can to say goodbye to Connecticut. I am going to my favorite restaurants, favorite ice cream places, eating all the New Englandy foods that I will not be able to eat in the Mid-West, etc. I am still very excited about this journey and the next chapter in my life. It may be a little scary but I think it makes me even more excited.

(2) I am going to the Army game tomorrow! I am so excited (even though there is a 100% change of rain all day) to go to a West Point game. Everyone is telling me how amazing of an opportunity this is. The tickets are very difficult to obtain so I sure am very grateful for this opportunity. I think it will be the perfect day to sum up my time in Connecticut. I am going with a couple of my college friends and I am excited to finally see them before I head of to Minneapolis. Even though it is going to rain all day, this is a once in a lifetime experience that I am so grateful for.

(3) Gone Girl. Is that all I need to say? The movie comes out today and I couldn’t be any more excited. I read the book last summer and it was so good. I love reading books and then having them on the big screen. Of course, I always believe that the books are 100% better than the movies but I feel like I have to watch the book on the screen. Are any of you going to see the movie?

I will have one post on Monday featuring a guest blogger! I am really excited and I think you will all love her and what she has to say! Then I head off for my loooooonnnnggggg journey to Minneapolis and won’t be able to write posts until I am all set up in my apartment and have internet. Who knows how long that will take. I would love to find a way to write posts ahead of time and have them scheduled. Does anyone know how to do that? If so please comment and let me know.

Have a great weekend and enjoy fall and October!


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