A Great Find: Cape Cloth

It is a cloudy and gloomy day here in Connecticut. Have you all noticed how dark it gets during the night and how dark it is when you wake up in the morning? One can officially say that summer has ended and fall has begun.

A couple days ago I heard of this company called Cape Cloth. I have lived in New England my entire life so if there is a local business in New England, I support them. This company was an awesome find! On their website they mention “$1 of every hat you purchase is donated to Cape Abilities.” I think it is awesome when companies donate part of their sales to a cause. It just shows how they support everyone and everything around them. To me, Cape Cloth is living the American dream. I follow them on Instagram (capecloth) and twitter and you should too! On their Instagram page, they posted a picture this morning of their hats! They are absolutely adorable and I am hoping I can get my hands on one this Columbus Day weekend. I love their logo and the colors of the hats! Cape Cloth was very generous and they sent me some of their stickers with their logo. I am so excited to find a place to put them.

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 8.42.12 AM

Be sure to follow them on Instagram and Twitter! Also, check out their website and shop their fall collection when it arrives. I CAN’T WAIT.


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