Fall Essentials

If you know me, you understand how obsessed I am with Pinterest. I have been addicted to Pinterest for a while now. For some reason it puts me at ease as I lust over the beautiful fashion items I cannot afford. I have been particularly interested in the receipes section because since I am moving to my very own apartment, I have to start learning how to cook. Obviously, my dessert ‘board’ on Pinterest is bigger than my vegetarian/chicken/beef/soup/salad recipes but dessert is essential. My biggest ‘board’ on Pinterest is my ‘What to Wear’. I am fashion obsessed and Pinterest allows me to expand my style and find different styles I have be reluctant to try myself. Here are two fall outfits I found on Pinterst that are essential and a must have in everyones closet. 58c4e1a5c14d9b85f981800caa544b06

I live in this outfit. I am obsessed with this light vest from J. Crew. It is an essential item for the cool fall months. It can be paired with a sweater, leggings, jeans, sperrys, boots, whatever. It is my go to item! Next, boots. I live in boots. I have been lusting over these Tory Burch boots since they first came out. I am definitely saving for those! I have a pair of black ones already but since I am starting a big girl job, I think I can finally splurge on a beautiful boot. I don’t have a brown boot and I am planning on purchasing the J.Crew Lowell Buckle boot in chocolate. This outfit on Pinterest is adorable and I love the Burberry scarf. I have a couple Burberry scarves and I live in them during the fall and winter. They are such a classy item to have!


This outfit again, is adorable. I live in my Vineyard Vines Shep Shirt. If you do not own a Shep Shirt, I highly consider investing money to purchase this piece. I wear it year round and it is the perfect ‘sweatshirt’. This outfit is perfect for walking to class or even running errands. Again, obsessed with these Tory Burch boots! I have the J.Crew skinny blue jeans in my closet and they are perfect for fall. The color is fun and can be warn practically in all seasons!

Recently, I went to my local Connecticut LL. Bean store and purchased a pair of Bean Boots. They are the perfect boot for fall and the freezing winter months! I love how the Bean Boot literally can last forever and it seems like everyone has a pair! They are a must in my eyes!


Hope everyone had a great weekend. I’m currently watching the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos game and it is a close one! Probably going to watch the Proposal on TV soon because why not? Ryan Reynolds is oh so beautiful and I love that movie. Be sure to check out my pins and follow me on Pinterest: Splash of Preppy.


One thought on “Fall Essentials

  1. Great post. I just signed up on Pinterest too, it’s so much fun. Love your “must have items for everyone closet” I’m like you. I love Tory boots. I bought a black pair in late 2014 then added these brown Tory’s and a similar scarf (like the ones in this post) during the Tory Burch boutique Black Friday sale. https://davisbe.files.wordpress.com/2014/12/dsc05244.jpg These are my black ones. https://davisbe.files.wordpress.com/2014/09/dsc04410.jpg

    Thanks for sharing your great posts.

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