New Piperlime Skirt

Happy hump day! I woke up early this morning and hit the gym. I did a cardio class for an hour then an hour session of pilates. I love getting my morning off to a productive start. I checked the mail and found a package! This is every girl’s dream! I recently ordered products from jcrew (see previous blog post) but I knew I would have been too soon to have them delivered. I looked at the box and remembered I ordered this Pim + Larking Madeline Mini Skirt from Piperlime. I saw this beautiful skirt from my favorite blogger Gal meets Glam’s post. I absolutely love the colors in this mini skirt. It is absolutely adorable. If you plan to order it (it’s on sale) note that the zipper is placed in the back. Usually when there are zippers in the back I have to bump up a size. I am usually an extra-small / small so I decided to purchase a small. The size fits perfectly! I am in LOVE.

Have a great day!



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